Enhancing Visibility for EU Sustainable Energy Projects

PRESSENSAVE (Press to Energy Savers) assists energy EU funded projects communicate their research results to the media.
With a user-friendly innovative platform, PRESSENSAVE serves as a Virtual Press Office for project coordinators to promote their research results, relevant news or any noteworthy topic to be covered by the media. Let PRESSENSAVE address your immediate, medium and long-term communication needs. Learn more about the project.

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Latest Releases

PV LEGAL Project Kick-off: Reducing bureaucracy for PV installations
Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Ljubljana, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Warsaw, 14 September 2009 – Today, connecting a ...
FLICK THE SWITCH - Instigating Simple Energy Efficient Behavioural Practices in Schools - Thinking about how we use energy every day
Electrical Energy is the basic necessity for the economic development of any country. However today electrical generation and consumption are ...
LOW-BIN: getting the most from Combined Heat & Power (CHP) geothermal technology
EU funded LOW-BIN project aims at getting the most from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology, by providing two-prototype “green” solutions for ...
Night Wind: new concept for storing electricity at low costs
Refrigerated warehouses might soon be used to store not just food but gigawatt-hours of electricity created from wind. A plan set up within the ...
EU-DEEP project: The birth of a EUropean Distributed EnErgy Partnership
The European 20-20-20 targets are expected to trigger an acceleration in the development of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). DER are located ...

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View video from PRESSENSAVE seminar
  In February PRESSENSAVE organised a seminar in Brussels as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week that aimed to assist energy research optimise its visibility towards the media.
A video recap has been recently produced that gives a summary of the highlights of the day. Click on the video here.

Latest from PRESSENSAVE webinars
PRESSENSAVE is currently active in supporting dynamic EU energy projects to enhance their visibility via Webinars.
Check out the latest updates from past and upcoming webinars.

22 June EU-DEEP now online, watch the webinar!
28-29 May - STRIVER now online, watch the webinar!
13 May RESMOUNTAIN now online, watch the webinar!
More info on PRESSENSAVE Webinars   

Pressensave Newsletters are now online!
Inside the Newsletters you can find information about Pressensave participating to the latest energy events, about projects which benefit from Pressensave Communication and have a quick look on a wide range of topics concerning renewable energies, following the European Commission's efforts in supporting a sustainable Europe.

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How to give media visibility to Energy projects: tips for an effective communication.
PRESSENSAVE, which brings together energy research projects with the media, has published a document that provides suggestions on how to best communicate developments and results of energy projects to the mass media.
Download the document here with suggestions that can be useful to define the message, target the audience, write a press release or just preparing a meeting with a journalist.

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Latest PRESSENSAVE dissemination activities.
Have a look at initiatives and events where PRESSENSAVE participated in supporting the dissemination activities and in giving other energy projects more visibility.

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CO2NET EAST project presented in Research Connection Prague 2009
At the occasion of the Research Connection Prague 2009 (7th - 8th May) CO2NET EAST EU funded project was presented in front of an audience mainly formed by media and communication experts.

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A survey of sustainable energy articles on mainstream media.
PRESSENSAVE partners carried out an analysis about public opinion interest in sustainable energy monitoring press articles appeared on daily newspapers and weekly magazine: an Italian leading newspaper and two of the most highly reputed international business papers, published in the United Kingdom.

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TPWind sets up unique research programmes on Wind Energy
PRESSENSAVE Webinar featured the third General Assembly of the European Technology Platform for Wind Energy (TPWind) on 8-9 October 2008 in Brussels. The event's objective was to to draw up concrete, large-scale research programmes for the European Commission, Member States and private companies ...

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PRESSENSAVE partners with Sustainable Energy Europe
The PRESSENSAVE project is pleased to announce the partnership with the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. SEE is a European initiative to raise awareness and change the landscape of energy. PRESSENSAVE aims to take advantage of the vast network of SEE to encourage projects to participate to PRESSENSAVE services ...

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EU-DEEP: The birth of a European distributed energy partnership
41 European organizations from 9 countries of the European Union, 5 accessing states and Turkey are part of the consortium of EU-DEEP, an ambitious initiative funded under the 6th Framework Programme (6FP) of the European Commission.

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ENERLIN: Energy Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative
With the European Climate Change Programme (ECCP), the European Community and individual Member States are looking for cost-effective measures to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change. The ECCP has since discovered, with stakeholders, cost-effective actions that contribute to CO2 emission reductions.

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Other news

The PRESSENSAVE process works as follows:

  - Register your project.
  - Submit your relevant news on your project to promote to the media and choose your target media where you would like your news to be communicated.
  - Allow our experienced team of journalists and researchers specialised in sustainable energy sectors to turn your raw information into a media-friendly press release via a editing process that is performed entirely online.
  - Once you validate the revised press release, it is ready to be taken to the media.

If you are interested, subscribe to our free services and enhance your project's media visibility!

PRESSENSAVE is supported by the European Commission Energy and Transport programme.